Posted by: webbhouston | November 5, 2008

It takes a mexican to really get the soul of fajita making

I got home and took the package out of the frige.

It has been sitting there, waiting patiently…for me to be ready to prep it. I unwrapped it and it was beautiful.

I turned on the stove and lay down the griddle. It hissed at me and I felt its heat on my neck. Sweat running down my back.

WIth a pair of tongs I eased up the big hunk of red flesh and placed it on the vessel. It moaned and screeched, smoke flying out. The crackling sounds filled the kitchen and the smell of garlic and pepper filled the house. The red juices started flowing and dark lines of the grill replaced the pink meat slowly but surely.

My ears and nose told me it was time to flip the carcass. Again the hissing and crackling started strong, slowing down until the meat was ready to come to me.

I lay it on a plate and waited for it to rest after all that I had put it through. Then I cut it and served it… it was heavenly.


How’s that for a recipe? :p

I made a sauce to go with it and it evened out the spicyness of the skirt steak. It was made with an avocado, tomatillos, garlic, and sour cream. yum yum yum!!

Anyways, the fajitas were wonderful and the sauce was a hit. Mike took some for lunch today and we have some left over so that we can snack on it tonight. I would have taken pics but I was too busy stuffing my fat face with dead cow.


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