Posted by: webbhouston | November 2, 2008

Dirty little secret: Grass fed meat delivery

I have a confession.

I do not like buying meat at the grocery store. I actually hate most grocery stores. I avoid them most of the time by getting my products from other places if I can, i still have not found a great place to get everything but I am working on it and I found the perfect place to get my meatz… Paidom Meats.

Moo Cow Parts

Moo Cow Parts

Every couple of months I get an email from the meat monger.  “We are coming your way Houston!!” and the orders get placed.  We wait with anticipation for the day to come, the day that we go to the parking lot of whatever establishment they tell us they will be at and we pick up our box of frozen meatz and go home. The tension builds and the saliva drips. We are ready for the arrival of the big guns.

From my meat monger I get grass fed organic beef, free range organic chickens, lamb, goat, eggs, etc.  The products are exquisite and I get comments on my food all of the time. The beef is better for you and leaner, the chicken tastes… well… like chicken. Not like a wet sock.  Apart from the food being healthier, it is cheaper than getting quality meat at the grocery store. I also get the benefit of helping out our local economy because this is a Texas farm with hardworking people who care about the environment and about our world’s future.

Want to learn more about eating local and having sustainable foods in your home?

Eat Wild

Sustainable Table

Local Harvest

Eat Well Guide



  1. Thanks for recommending the Eat Well Guide to find local sustainable meats. We have thousands of stores and co-ops (also farms, organizations, etc) listed in the Guide to help you eat well. Be sure to check out the Eat Well Everywhere travel tool to help you find local sustainable food on the road and let us know if you see any places that aren’t listed and we can add them to the Guide- send us an email at

  2. For those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Burgundy Pasture Beef will deliver TO YOUR FRONT DOOR for a nominal $5 charge. You have to order at least 10 pounds to get them, but if that’s too much for you, you can call your friends and say “Hey, I’m putting in an order with the best butcher around, would you like to get in on it with me and I’ll pay the delivery charge?”

  3. Thanks for the comment Miranda! I am always on the look out to tell people where they can get good alternatives.

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