Posted by: webbhouston | October 31, 2008

Tell me something I dont know

motorcycle cowboy at a distance

motorcycle cowboy at a distance

For almost two years we have been parents.

In December of this year it will be two years since we brought Katherine into this world. Our little girl. She now has the pleasure and luxury of responding to my requests with an apathetic “Whatever mommy” when she does not want to do something.  Where did she get this from? How is my little girl so big now? When did this happen?

We had a new little boy named Shake and Bake (Calvin) and he is going to be three months old next week. I really dont understand how we do it, but we do. I still dont understand why we do it but I guess the law says we have to since they are already here and I really dont want to imagine the pain of returning them from whence they came.

My goal this year is to update this with my thoughts on parenthood, my tips, my tricks, and ideas. I know that as a parent I really drove myself mad trying to be perfect, so much that I spent the first few months of my daughter’s life crying and wondering how expensive the therapy bills would be as she got older because of my tremendous failures. I was sure that she was going to show up one day with some tattooed, long haired biker dude named “Dog” and tell me how I was a horrible mother as she rode of into the sunset on his motorcycle with skulls and flames and old english lettering across it.  After all, I deserved it because I was obviously a failure as a parent. I also deserved it because I had my fair share of running off with long haired motorcycle cowboy rebels (see above)  without a clue in my years, so karma was just getting me back.  If reading my blog can help one sole woman out there not beat herself up on a regular basis because she sees that my parenting is as bad good as theirs. Then I have accomplished something.

Truth be told I try to be a good mother eventhough many a mom would say that the simple fact that I work outside of the home makes me a bad mother… but I know that I have a lot of work to do before I reach mother of the year awards and before there are monuments made to me in hand carved marble.


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