Posted by: webbhouston | October 31, 2008

People disinfect their trash cans?


I have never disinfected a trash can before. I wonder if this is something else I can add to my inadequacies as a mother/wife. I have washed one out, I have cleaned one, I have even bought one… but never disinfected one. Ever. We cloth diaper and even then I have never disinfected our diaper pail either. That memo must have been part of the ones sent out when I was on vacation. My mother was never a great housekeeper so I have missed a great deal of things that most people just consider normal when it comes to being a homemaker. (yes I am blaming my mother for this.)

Tomorrow a friend of mine whose boyfriend lives down the street from me is having a garage sale. I have been planning on having a garage sale to raise some money (I sell tons of things online but sometimes a garage sale is just faster and you dont have to pay shipping. I am getting rid of a few of the kid’s toys. Mostly the ugly cheap stuff that are never used, are taking up space, and are just eyesores. I am also getting rid of their clothes and my clothes that is too small or that will never be worn.  I like purging things. I do it when I feel like I have no control over situations and it makes me feel better. (Please someone do e-diagnose me some kind of crazy mental issue because of that last sentence.)

The way I see it, the less stuff I have in the house, the less stuff that has to be cleaned. We have a cluttered home because that is what happens when two people who have each had their own homes for years move in together and dont like throwing anything away.


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