Posted by: webbhouston | October 31, 2008

Husband is out of town…

So since we are dirt poor right now I have been using up the stuff from the pantry that I stock up on for emergencies such as this.

Last night I made my version of bread pudding. Now my bread pudding is a mixture of Mexican capirotada and bread pudding and everything that I have in my pantry that might work well in the recipe.

I dont really believe in measuring stuff out, or in recipes. I just do that I believe will work. This makes many of my dishes um.. interesting to say the least.

I keep staples around for munching on for when we cant afford things and I buy in bulk a great deal. That is really what I believe has saved us a great deal of mone and let us live in lean times. One of the co-ops that I take part in is for this company called Tierra Farm. They are a great source for organic nuts, dried fruits, and staples. Kept in the freezer this stuff lasts all year long. Trust me, a deep freeze is a great investment for a family. I did not believe it until I bought one. It has saved us, and then some.

Anways…. back to TIerra Farm and my non-recipe for bread pudding on crack.  I had some left over figs from my last order, and some left over Unsalted Dry Roasted Mixed Nuts. Usually I put raisins in my recipe but we had none after my husband discovered that raisins are actually delish when they dont come out of a yellow box (it made my raisin and almond silver cous cous a great hit, but I will talk about that later). Anyways, I had some left over hard bread from the farmer’s market and some coconut milk from my pantry (we try to substitute other things for cow milk because of Katherine’s issues with “moo cow juice”).  To this I added a couple of eggs that were a week old because I did not want them to start going bad and I had some left over coconut chips as well.  Add some agave nectar or molasses (i prefer the agave nectar, dark of course) and stir it all together with a half of a vanilla bean. I add a shot (or 3) of bourbon or whiskey, again a nice dark one would work best. Bring it to a light simmer for a couple minutes just to get the vanilla all over the place and the butter melted (did I forget to mention to add some butter? yeah add some of that or some of your oil of choice).   Pour over the bread that you tore apart with your hands and lovingly placed into your baking dish that was sprayed with homemade non stick cooking stuffs or butter if you prefer.

Pop this into the oven (or toaster oven if you dont want to heat up the whole house and you have one that you like, I swear by mine) and bake for 35-45 minutes at 350. It is quite simple and quite good honestly… but the best part… oh the best part…. is the sauce. 😉

The sauce is optional of course but it is basically taking a few shots of the same booze you put into the pudding with some heavy cream (or coconut milk, or half and half, or some other liquid of choice with good flavor), vanilla, a bit of sweet stuff (sugar, molasses, etc.) and simmering it and pouring it over the pudding while it is nice and hot. oh my… it makes your troubles seem so far away, because they are.


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