Posted by: webbhouston | October 31, 2008

Cast of Characters

Who are we?

Me: Working mom, Alma, wife. I never wanted kids, never wanted to get married, never wanted a white picket fence, never wanted to live out in the ‘burbs (i still dont technically). Pretty much the typical crunchy hippie who is ruining American and her children. We follow Attachment Parenting and are happy to do so.  I along with a few other moms help start Babywearing International a non profit for babywearing education and currently serve on the board.  I am also co-leader of the Houston babywearers (yes that is a picture of me on the front page wearing Kate) and Moderator on MotheringDotCommunity (MDC).

Mike: My own version of the american dream. Small town-motorcycle-cowboy-working-class-hero-dad  all rolled up into a tight little package of fun. We have been together many years and met at work. This is why companies have rules against in-office romances. Wonderful dad and very eco-friendly. He supports and preaches about our lifestyle to others. He is an avid babywearer and lactivist.

Katherine: Super kate, our first born, little girl born Dec 2006, crazy and beautiful and fun.  Being homeschooled and will continue to be until further notice. She is my fire cracker, and my moral police sometimes.

Calvin: Shake and Bake, beautiful boy born August 08. He is my chill pill ninja baby. Quiet and sweet.

Gloria: Our nanny and a second mother to Super Kate, she helps keep me sane and takes care of the monsters while I work outside of the home. She is a family friend and she is a firm beleiver of AP parenting. My husband and I both have to work because we are not rolling in the dough and she takes care of our kids wonderfully.

Nana and Paux Paux: Mike’s parents, they are the happily married for a million years couple, they live in a small town in east texas.

Mama Connie and Pawpaw: Alma’s parents. First generation immigrants from Mexico who raised their children in the United States

Quincy: Poodle dog

Chiquita: Chihuahua dog

I will add more as is needed but for now this is it.


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